Maximize Your CRO Earnings: Top DeFi Methods for High Yield

In the evolving landscape of Web3, simply holding your CRO tokens in a wallet is just the beginning. With the advent of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, there are now numerous ways to put your CRO to work and earn additional yield 💰

This article will give you several examples on how to maximize your CRO holdings.

Start Earning with CRO Tokens

1. Liquid Staking on Veno Finance 💧

Liquid Staking on Veno Finance

For a straightforward way to earn additional yield on your CRO tokens, try Liquid staking on Veno Finance. By staking your CRO on the Cronos PoS chain through Veno, you not only earn staking rewards but also receive liquid tokens (LCRO) in return. These liquid tokens are yield-bearing and auto-compounding, meaning your returns grow over time without any extra effort on your part. Simply visit our website to unstake when you wish to claim your CRO and staking yield back.

Steps to Stake CRO on Veno Finance:

  1. Connect Wallet: Visit Veno Finance and connect your wallet to Cronos network.

  2. Stake CRO: Navigate to the “Stake” and stake your CRO tokens.

  3. Earn Rewards: In exchange for your staked CRO, you will receive LCRO tokens, which can be unstaked to receive the CRO back based on the latest exchange rate 

If you wish to take this to the next level, you can even use the LCRO tokens across various DeFi protocols to earn additional rewards.

Veno Finance simplifies the staking process while providing liquidity for your staked assets, making it an excellent entry point into the world of Web3 DeFi.

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2. Become a Liquidity Provider and Yield Farmer on Ferro Protocol and VVS Finance 🧑‍🌾

Providing Liquidity and Yield Farming on Ferro VVS

Another effective way to earn yield on your CRO tokens is by becoming a liquidity provider on decentralized exchanges (DEX) like Ferro Protocol and VVS Finance. By supplying liquidity, you can earn a share of the trading fees generated by the protocol.

Steps to Provide Liquidity on Ferro/VVS:

  1. Connect Wallet: Visit the Ferro Protocol or VVS Finance website and connect your wallet to Cronos network.

  2. Provide Liquidity: Select the liquidity pool you want to join and deposit your CRO tokens.

  3. Earn Rewards: As a liquidity provider, you will earn a portion of the trading fees and may also receive additional incentive tokens by staking the LP tokens.

Yield farming on these platforms can significantly boost your CRO earnings, but do understand risks such as impermanent loss.

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3. Supply CRO as a Borrowing Asset on Tectonic Finance 🌋

Supply borrowing asset on Tectonic

Tectonic Finance offers another avenue to earn yield on your CRO tokens by supplying them as borrowing assets. This allows you to earn interest on your CRO while also providing liquidity to the protocol as a supplier.

Steps to Supply CRO:

  1. Connect Wallet: Visit Tectonic Finance and connect your wallet to Cronos network

  2. Supply CRO: Go to the “Market” section and supply your CRO tokens.

  3. Earn Interest: Receive tTokens which accumulate interest over time. You receive interest when you withdraw your asset from Tectonic.

Lending protocol exposes you to relatively higher risks such as market and liquidity risk. Assess your risk appetite before participating in it.

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4. Participate in No-Loss Lottery on Kaching  🎰

No-loss lottery on Kaching

For a more fun and engaging way to use your CRO, consider participating in no-loss lotteries on Kaching. This innovative approach allows you to lock your CRO in a lottery pool, where you can win prizes while still retaining your original deposit.

Steps to Participate:

  1. Connect Wallet: Visit Kaching and connect your wallet to Cronos network.

  2. Stake CRO: Deposit your CRO tokens to receive lottery tickets.

  3. Receive Rewards: Claim your weekly $KCH base yield rewards. 

  4. Win Prizes: If you win, you receive CRO and even more lottery tickets to increase your winning chance in the future

This method offers a unique way to potentially earn high returns with low risk to your principal while experiencing the thrill of lottery. 

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Start earning more today!

Veno Finance is a great entry point for anyone looking to maximize their CRO holdings with minimal complexity. By staking your CRO with Veno, you can enjoy both staking rewards and the flexibility of liquid tokens that allow you to further enhance your earnings on other DeFi protocols like Ferro, VVS, and Tectonic.

Start your journey with Veno Finance today and unlock the full potential of your CRO tokens. 

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